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Health Consideration

Health and Wellness Consideration

Do you know the medication you are taking currently can have a huge impact on your oral health? There are hundreds of common prescription medications for treatment for all kinds of conditions such as, high blood pressure, heart condition, diabetes, depression, etc which are indicated to cause dry mouth and other serious adverse effects to your oral cavity.

Other medical conditions can harm your oral cavity. Gastric reflex disease can cause extensive erosion and recurrent cavities in your mouth. Diabetes can negatively affect your general bone and gum health, all the way to your healing ability and prolonged recovery period after a dental surgery.

Are you currently suffering from sleep apnea and cannot tolerate your CPAP therapy? An intra-oral sleep dental appliance may be your answer. Although not all patients with sleep apnea are suitable candidates for an oral appliance, those who are, generally have better acceptance, compliance, and results with intra-oral sleep appliances versus CPAP treatment.

Any more dental related health questions? At City Oasis Dental, we are happy to answer all of your dental and health questions.

For more information, please see the attached PDF files or ask Dr.Jennifer when you come in for a consultation.

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