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VIP Dentistry Services in Downtown Toronto

What is a VIP dentist?

A VIP dentist is someone that provides add-on services, along with the highest standard of general, restorative, and specialty dental services. They provide a boutique dental experience for patients that are particularly nervous about visiting the dentist or have special requests.

At City Oasis Dental, we understand that visiting the dentist isn’t always fun and some people get more nervous than others. To accommodate every patient, we offer VIP services to those who need them. That means we close our office and only provide service to you. That way, you don’t have to worry about being stressed or pressured in a social setting.

You get a closer dentist-patient relationship and a dental experience that makes you feel more comfortable and at ease.

Can you pay monthly for private dental treatment?

You can discuss with your dentist the different payment plans available to pay for dental treatment. A monthly plan means you can receive high-quality care and pay your dentist monthly for the treatments you receive.

Depending on the dental office, you can create monthly payment plans or private dental insurance plans to help with treatment costs. You can also apply for financing for certain treatments to help make payments more affordable and flexible depending on your needs.

How can I find a dentist in Toronto that takes my insurance?

You can use the online resources provided by your insurance company to find a dentist in Toronto that’s a part of their insurance network. This guarantees that the dentist accepts your insurance for the routine cleanings and other oral treatments that are covered under your dental policy. You can also call the dental office to ask if they take your insurance. The office staff can discuss the different insurance providers they accept and how the process works.

How can I find specialty dental services in Toronto?

At City Oasis Dental, we do our best to make you feel as comfortable and taken care of as possible. We offer specialty services like lip augmentation, bonding, dentures, teeth whitening, dental implants, veneers, and more.

Based on your unique needs, Dr. Jennifer Lai will use a comprehensive treatment approach to tailor the specialty dental service you want to meet your unique needs. Whether you want a brighter smile or better oral health, Dr. Jennifer Lai and her team at City Oasis Dental can help you get the treatment you want.

How do we bring the human touch to dentistry?

City Oasis Dental does everything in its power to make your visit comfortable and relaxing. Our VIP experience means we close the office and only provide you with service during your appointment.

With Dr. Jennifer Lai’s unique and comprehensive approach to patient care, you can be confident that your treatment will work best for you. We strive to be transparent and communicative during each of your visits. If you have any concerns or questions, Dr. Jennifer Lai and the team at City Oasis Dental are happy to go the extra mile to make you feel at ease.

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