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Dental Fillings in Downtown Toronto

Modern dentistry has allowed us to combine beauty as well as strength when filling teeth. Restorations are close to their original strength and appearance with composite resins and other modern materials. The patient’s comfort is always the main priority of the dental team, leading to a positive experience.

Fillings (restorations) are used to replace tooth structure that is decayed. Caries can be detected through direct observation or x-rays. Fillings are also used to repair fractured, broken, or severely worn teeth.

The dentist will proceed to cavity preparation, removing any remaining decay and shaping the final cavity. The next step will be the addition of composite-resin filling material, cured (hardened) after with a curing light. The final step will be polishing the filling to adapt it smoothly to the natural shape of the tooth.

Composite fillings are very aesthetic restorations since they are available in natural shades matching tooth color. They are also being tolerated perfectly by all the patients. In some cases cavity preparation could become very large for usual fillings and the dentist will recommend an inlay or an onlay (partial crown), restorations designed to replace more tooth structure. Those restorations are made in a dental laboratory after the dentist has taken you an impression of the preparation. The final placement of inlay or onlay will be made in a second visit at the dental office.

Fillings do not last forever so it is essential that you visit the dentist regularly for further examinations. Fillings can develop cracks or simply wear down due to chewing forces. The dentist monitor the integrity of your fillings during regular exams and will recommend replacing a filling if a problem is detected.

Why do I need to have a filling?

Dental fillings are most commonly used to treat cavities. The dentist will remove parts of the decayed tooth and apply a dental filling to cover the tooth and prevent further damage from occurring.

You may also have small holes in your mouth that aren’t cavities, but should still be filled. Otherwise, small pieces of food or other debris can be caught in these holes and cause a cavity to form. These small holes may also expand overtime if they aren’t filled, which causes more severe problems in the future.

Other reasons for getting a dental filling include the gradual loss of dental structure, discolored teeth, and a fractured tooth.

What is the cost of getting dental fillings in Toronto?

It depends on the type of dental fillings you get. Silver amalgam fillings are typically the cheapest to get and can cost around $150 to $375 per filling on average. If you have dental insurance coverage, you’ll most likely pay less than this amount.

Resin-based composite dental fillings are more expensive, and can cost anywhere from $185 to $425 per filling on average. Composite resin is generally more aesthetic than silver amalgam and can match the color of your teeth for a more natural look.

Other costs that you need to factor in include the cost of the anesthetics, whether you need oral surgery, and the number of fillings you’re getting. If you’re getting multiple fillings, your dentist may recommend sedation, which is typically not covered by dental insurance plans.

Which filling material type is right for you?

Most people need to decide between silver amalgam fillings and composite resin material dental fillings. While silver amalgam fillings are the cheaper choice, therefore more desired for the budget-conscious individual, they don’t look as aesthetically appealing as the composite resin material fillings. Composite resin can be matched to the exact color of your natural teeth, which looks better when you smile.

Silver amalgam may also promote infections in the long-term, because silver expands and contracts with temperature changes. This can cause temporary spaces in the teeth, which may allow food and other debris to enter. However, Silver amalgam lasts longer than composite resin fillings.

What are tooth fillings?

Tooth fillings are a way to restore your teeth and fill in the gaps or holes in your teeth that are caused by cavities. They are made of either silver amalgam or composite resin, and placed inside the hole of a removed cavity to prevent further damage. They can also be used to restore broken or chipped teeth or teeth that have been worn down from grinding.

What is the procedure of a tooth filling?

The dentist will first remove the decayed parts from your tooth using a drill or a laser. They will then use a gel to clean the tooth area before applying the filling material to your tooth. Adhesives or composite materials will be placed on top of the tooth to seal the filling and protect it.

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