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Emergency Dental Services in Downtown Toronto

Our practice operates emergency services for our patients. Contact us to find out more information.

Where can I get emergency dental treatment?

If you’re in need of emergency dental treatment, you should contact your dentist or go to the nearest emergency dental clinic. There are many walk-in clinics or dentists that may be able to provide you with the treatment you need. In some cases, such as if you’re losing a lot of blood from the mouth, you can also visit the emergency room at the hospital.

City Oasis Dental provides emergency dental treatment for individuals and families in Downtown Toronto. Whether it’s the middle of the night, you’re visiting Toronto for the holidays, or your regular dental office is closed, City Oasis Dental is equipped to provide emergency dental services.

What would be considered a dental emergency?

Any dental concern that needs immediate treatment is considered a dental emergency. For example, excessive bleeding in your mouth, severe tooth pain, or trauma to the mouth area. Severe tooth infections that could be life-threatening are also considered dental emergencies.

Other common dental emergencies that require immediate attention include chipped or broken teeth, soft tissue damage, and lost dental restoration. These emergencies can result in further damage to your teeth or mouth area if you don’t receive treatment right away.

What are emergency dental services?

Emergency dental services are similar to the emergency room at a hospital. Some dental clinics or walk-in offices provide emergency dental services so patients can receive immediate care if they have any severe tooth concerns.

Many dental clinics that provide emergency services have extended operating hours that allow you to come in for treatment during late night hours, weekends, and holidays. This is especially helpful if you’re traveling in a new area or your regular dental clinic is closed.

Emergency dental services might involve stopping the bleeding in your mouth, repairing a broken or chipped tooth, fixing your filling or crown before you can see your regular dentist, and treating broken bones in the jaw or mouth area.

How to prevent a dental emergency?

Practicing good oral hygiene is a great and easy way to reduce the risk of tooth infections and decay. By brushing your teeth at least twice a day and flossing regularly, you prevent food, debris, and plaque buildup in your mouth.

Being careful with your dentures, crowns, and fillings is also important to prevent them from breaking or falling out. You should always rinse your dentures before putting them back into your mouth and at night to prevent the buildup of bacteria that could cause tooth infections.

Seeing your dentist for regular checkups is also a great way to prevent a dental emergency. Your dentist will professionally clean your teeth and tell you how to better take care of them.

What do I do if my mouth won’t stop bleeding?

Rinse your mouth with a mild saltwater solution and use a damp gauze to put pressure to the bleeding area. Hold a cold compress to the side of your face to reduce swelling and pain. Go see your dentist or nearest emergency dental clinic immediately.

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