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How Diabetes Can Feed Off Gum Disease

Diabetes can be responsible for a number of health issues. The disease affects the way your body processes sugar. When your blood sugar levels get too high, you can suffer from a variety of health problems. These include issues with your heart, kidneys, eyes and other areas.

Left untreated, diabetes can also cause a variety of oral problems too.

First and foremost, The American Diabetes Association reports an increase in the number of diabetics who also have gum disease. What’s worse for people who have diabetes is the fact that gum disease appears to affect blood sugar levels. In other words, issues like gingivitis and the more serious periodontal disease

feed off diabetes and vice versa.

Oral Health and Diabetes: More Issues   

The possible issues don’t stop there. There is more evidence that diabetes is at least partially responsible for a condition called dry mouth. Like the name suggests, dry mouth happens when you don’t produce enough saliva. The Mayo Clinic reports difficulties with chewing and swallowing are a result of it. This can make it hard for diabetics to plan healthy nutrition and make the disease worse.

What’s more, dry mouth can actually increase bacteria and plaque which lead to more gum disease. The data points directly to the fact that diabetes, dry mouth and gum disease form a vicious circle.


There are some other concerns.

Most people have Candida albicans in their mouth. It’s a healthy fungus you’re more than likely not aware of—unless you’ve got diabetes. Dry mouth with too much sugar in your saliva can cause this fungus to mutate into the infection commonly called Thrush.

How You Can Manage Oral Health and Diabetes  

Keeping ahead of diabetes and the complications on your oral health requires a team effort.  If you’re planning on having any oral surgery, we’d like to discuss any issues with you first. It’s best to coordinate with us until that time your blood sugar is within the right range. Consulting with your physician is a good idea if you’re taking any medication.

That way everyone can decide what adjustments if any need to be made before oral surgery or any other procedure. Toronto's City Oasis Dental is dedicated to making sure you get the most innovative and professional dental care possible. We stay on top of all the latest advancements and news when it comes to diabetes and your oral health.

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