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3 Ways To Actually Enjoy Your Dentist Visit

For as long as dentistry has been associated with drills, unusual smells, and disturbing sounds, it’s been seen as a frightening affair. However, some Dentists are very keen on improving this notion so you don’t have to dread going for a dental checkup or treatment. The idea is to create a comfortable and relaxing environment where patients are not in a rush to leave, and in some cases even look forward to coming back.

Dentist Visit Tips

Here are some ways that dental visits become more enjoyable:

1. Find an Office with Fun, Upbeat and Helpful Staff

Cheerful people can bring lightness and natural warmth to the practice. So, if you can find a practice with genuinely happy and fun staff, you may feel a little more comfortable during your dental visit.

2. A Dentist You’re Comfortable With

A friendly environment creates some level of warmth and comfort. A dentist who takes the initiative to know who you are, what your interests are, and other personal information that you’re willing to share will make you feel like you’re dealing with a friend. The dentist can even offer to play your favourite music. If everyone is friendly, you will also have a more pleasant time.

3. A Relaxing, Spa-Like Environment

The combination of cheerful and courteous staff and small treats like tea, fresh juice, and snacks will make you feel respected, valued, comfortable, and cared for during your dental visit. There are many other things that can make a dental practice environment more relaxing, like:

  • Decor – Healthcare offices don’t have to have the familiar, outdated and sterile looking walls painted white with accents in dull shades of green. A dentist’s office with a modern design, interesting decor and soothing colours can be very inviting. Other decorations could include fun pictures of nature, joyful people, or cute animals. Happiness is contagious.
  • Fun music – Playing fun, upbeat music is a great way to change a patient’s mood.
  • Decorations for holidays – Dressing up for different holidays and decorating the dental office are great ways to lighten the mood. As long all diplomas and CE certificates are clearly displayed on the wall, there is no reason for a patient to doubt the dentist’s skill and experience.
  • Actual spa services – Clients can enjoy aromatherapy, a relaxing chair massage, and paraffin wax hand treatments during their dental appointments.

Generally, if you like your dentist, the staff, and experience a fun and friendly environment, you will not have problems visiting your dentist as frequently as is recommended, since you will be more accepting of dental treatment.

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